Youth Council

YSUP’s Youth Council is a core component of our coalition. Made up of local middle school and high schoolers, the Youth Council takes YSUP’s mission to their schools, religious organizations, clubs, friends, and families. They are the ones who put into ACTION what YSUP is all about! Our youth develop creative and relevant drug-free campaigns, volunteer in our community, and model what it is to be a drug-free teen in Rowan County.

The Youth Council is always working on an engaging and fun project to help reduce youth substance use in Rowan County. We work together through all stages of planning, designing, creating, and carrying out our projects, to make sure that they are truly peer to peer prevention efforts. We believe that projects and messages that come from our own voices and ideas are the most effective way to reach our peers.

Some examples of projects we’ve completed are…

YSUP’s Youth Council Choose Your Own Adventure with Healthy Rowan! A day of fun, activities and adventure at Bell Tower Green!

Prom Promise at Salisbury High School to encourage students to remain safe and substance free during prom. Keychains, koozies, and substance use information was given out to students!

Medication Take-Back with Meals on Wheels of Rowan County to help seniors safely dispose of unused and/or expired medication

A #QuaranTEEN Challenge on social media to encourage youth to talk to their parents about the dangers of substance use

Anti-Vaping Memes distributed to all Rowan County middle and high schools to bring awareness to the dangers of vaping and provide youth with resources to help them quit

Organized a “Pick-Up Butts Day” at the Salisbury City Park to clean up the park of littered cigarette butts and raise awareness of the dangers of smoking

Written and mailed postcards to local politicians, businesses, schools, law enforcement, and other community members to inform them of how important youth substance use prevention is to us