To prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, prescription medications, and tobacco by Rowan County youth.



YSUP Rowan’s coalition is made up of active, engaged community volunteers who are united in preventing youth substance use in Rowan County. Made up of members representing all sectors of the community, our coalition volunteers are essential to the success of YSUP Rowan’s goal of creating sustainable change.

Youth council

One of the most important parts of YSUP Rowan, our Youth Council is made of up local middle and high school students. The Youth Council takes YSUP’s mission to their schools, religious organizations, clubs, friends and families. They are the ones who put into action what YSUP is all about!


Our Mission & Vision

To engage the community in creating conditions that will lead to the prevention and reduction of substance use by young people in order that they may build healthy, safe and successful lives. Our main goal is to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, prescription medications, and tobacco by Rowan County youth.

Upcoming Events

#YouthCulture: E-Cigarettes 101

January 12th, 2021 || 6:00pm – 7:15 pm via Zoom

This program addresses the the growing concern of e-cigarettes and youth. Participants will explore adolescent brain development and effects of e-cigarettes as we cover the latest research. We will also take a look at the risk factors for use, and the protective factors that help prevent use. A discussion on resources and strategies for increasing protective factors with our youth will leave attendees with tools for the next steps. This program is part of the Poe Center’s #YouthCulture Workshop Series.

A Word

About YSUP Rowan

In 2018, 3.6 million middle and high school students reported using electronic cigarettes. 1 out of 6 North Carolina teens reported taking a prescription medication without a prescription. In Rowan County alone, 35% of teens reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days. These statistics reveal the epidemic of teen drug and alcohol use in our nation, state, and own community. We must work together to combat the negative impacts this issue has on our teens, families and communities. We must work together PREVENT teen substance use.

 If we don’t take responsibility for the problem, then who will?


get involved

Be Informed. Be Involved.

It takes commUNITY to create real and sustainable solutions. We must work together across all community levels to see sustainable change. Prevention (stopping the habit before it is formed) is key! Community volunteers – youth and adults — are essential for this process of prevention and change.

Parents & Guardians

You’re a very important aspect of youth substance use prevention. In order to help our youth make healthy choices, parents and guardians must be knowledgeable about the current challenges our youth face. Click here to explore our resources page or here to learn about ways to get involved in our coalition.


Young people are the real key to youth substance use prevention! In our YSUP Youth Council, kids from across the county come together to develop prevention programs to educate and inform their peers about the dangers of substance use. Click here to learn more about joining us!


Like we said, it takes a community to make real change in the area of youth substance use. We are available to present to your group and educate them about the issues facing Rowan County’s young people and are always looking for partners in our prevention efforts. We also welcome any community members or business representatives to attend our meetings and events. Please click here to learn about ways you can get involved.

Working together for Youth Substance Use Prevention

Join us in our goal to prevent the use and abuse of alcoholprescription medications, and tobacco by Rowan County youth.


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