Tips for Parents & Teens

Parent Safety Tips for Teens

  • Teens electronic devices should share location at all times, if possible (Ex. Life360, FindMyFriends)
  • Check for hashtags on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
  • Talk to kids about boundaries
  • Talk to your teen about drinking and after parties. Make an escape plan should they need it.
  • Make an “escape plan” using text message code words or phrases.
  • Pre-plan and role-play answers that your child can use to get out of uncomfortable situations. (e.g., offered alcohol, getting a ride from an intoxicated driver, unwanted sexual advances, etc.)
  • Talk. They Hear You. App

Prepare your Teen:

  • Getting in a car with someone who is buzzed.
  • Unwanted sexual advances.
  • Drinking and drugs at a house party.

Prom Season Specific:

  • Be willing to stretch rules like curfew to accommodate the hours of prom, but don't feel pressured to forgo any rules completely.
  • Don't badger your kid all night, but do require that they answer your check-in texts in a timely manner and only check in during times you know are transitory.
  • You drop off your teen’s backpacks and sleepover bags to houses they will be going to either pre-prom or post-prom. (This helps with the hidden contraband kids pack in their backpacks).

Tips for Teens:

  • Don’t let friends drink and drive.
  • Plan ahead—make sure you have a safe plan for prom night.
  • Discuss your plans with your friends, remind each other about responsible decision-making and confronting peer pressure.
  • Do not accept any drinks from someone you do not know. If you leave your drink, discard it and get a new one.
  • Learn the warning signs for alcohol poisoning and drug intoxication, contact 911 for assistance and immediate treatment.

Good Samaritan Law:

The NC 911 Good Samaritan Laws state that individuals who experience a drug overdose or persons who witness an overdose and seek help for the victim can no longer be prosecuted for possession of small amounts of drugs, paraphernalia, or underage drinking.

  • Know where you are and where you are going, keep your parents and friends informed.
  • Trust your instincts, if you feel endangered or uncomfortable, leave immediately