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Parents/Guardians Resources

Talk It Out NC (

Talk It Out NC is a resource for parents and teens that addresses alcohol consumption among adolescents.They provide up to date information about alcohol consumption, underage drinking, the risks and behaviors commonly associated with teen drinking, and the effects alcohol has on brain development. This resource also prepares parents with the information necessary to have conversations with their children about alcohol consumption.

Ask, Listen, Learn (

Ask, Listen, Learn provides information for parents with kids of all ages. They focus primarily on youth alcohol consumption by providing up to date statistics and guidance on how to practice safe decision making with young people. This website contains videos and engaging activities that make it easier to discuss the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain with younger audiences.

Get Smart About Drugs (

Get Smart About Drugs is the Drug Enforcement Agency’s resource for parents, educators, and caregivers. This resource contains the most recent information about teen substance use and alcohol consumption. It has a section titled ‘Drugs and Your Family’ that discusses signs of substance use, provides a parent’s guide to prevention, and tools on how to talk to your child if you suspect substance use.

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens (

NIDA for Teens is a government resource that provides parents, teens and educators with information about drug and alcohol use among adolescents. This website provides individuals with information about preventing teen drug use, basic information about drugs, drug treatment opportunities. Through videos, quizzes, worksheets and other interactive materials, the National Institute of Drug Abuse provides a comprehensive resource to reduce the use of drugs and alcohol.

Community Impact North Carolina (

 Community Impact North Carolina believes that being proactive as early as possible within your family is the best way to prevent substance use issues from developing. They offer families strategies for demonstrating healthy behaviors beginning in early childhood through teenage years.

Talk. They Hear You. (

The ‘Talk. They Hear You.’ campaign is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s guide for parents and caregivers on talking with their children early about the dangers of alcohol use. The app is an interactive tool that helps you learn the do’s and don’ts of talking to your kids about underage drinking and substance use. The app helps parents practice bringing up the topic of alcohol and other drugs, learn the right questions to ask, and get ideas to keep the conversation going.

Parent Movement 2.0 (

Parent Movement 2.0 understands that many parents need to get up to date on substances and some even need to re-prioritize them. The organization hopes to provide education through easily accessible information, ways to connect with other parents about youth substance use and how to take action if necessary.

Cleveland Clinic (

Like many other things, the Cleveland Clinic has valuable information for parents about teen vaping use.  This article provides parents with information about the health risks related to teen vaping, the signs that indicate your child might be vaping, as well as information on how to start the conversations about vaping.


Youth Resources

Truth (

Truth is an organization that provides young people with facts and resources regarding tobacco use and opioid addiction. They encourage youth to use their voices and stand up against Big Tobacco, promoting positive health for their peers.

The Real Cost (

 The Real Cost is a comprehensive resource that oversees the risks of various tobacco products. The website exposes the various chemicals, metals and toxins that are found in cigarettes, vapes, and smokeless tobacco products. They also highlight the risks and health consequences of tobacco use.

NIDA for Teens (

Provides young people with facts about drugs and how they affect the brain and body. It has interactive resources such as videos, games and a drugs and health blog.

Above the Influence (

Above the Influence’s goal is to help teens stand up to negative pressures and influences. They provide resources for teens on handling the pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

NACoA Just 4 Teens (

Provides teens with information if they’ve been affected by an adult in their life drinking too much.

Half of Us (

Half of Us provides youth with mental health resources. Youth that struggle with mental health issues are at a higher risk for developing substance use disorders. The site offers facts about mental health and ways to support friends and loved ones, or find support for yourself.

Community Resources

Medication Drop Box Locations (

Find a medication drop box location near you to safely and conveniently dispose of your unused and/or expired medications.

Daymark Recovery Services (

Daymark Recovery Services offer a wide range of substance abuse and mental health services. They provide substance abuse and mental health assessments and treatment options for both youth and adults. They are located at 2129 Statesville Boulevard, Salisbury, NC 28147 and their phone number is (704) 633-3616. They also have a 24 hour Crisis Hotline at 866.275.9552

Healthy Rowan (

Healthy Rowan is a collaborative coalition of organizations that work together to improve health outcomes for Rowan County citizens. Their website has many resources regarding healthy lifestyles in Rowan, including information about obesity, nutrition, mental health, access to healthcare, and substance use.

Alcoholics Anonymous (

The North Carolina AA website can be used to find resources about alcoholism and search for local meetings across the state.

Rays of Sunshine Support Group (

A local support group for individuals suffering from addiction or families with a loved one suffering from addiction.

S&H Youth and Adult Services, Inc. (

SHYAS is an outpatient mental health and substance use treatment facility specializing in Addiction and Trauma. SHYAS has specialty substance abuse and trauma programs in Salisbury & Charlotte. They are located at 714 S. Main Street in Salisbury and their number is 1-866-495-3651. 

Join us in our goal to prevent the use and abuse of alcoholprescription medications, and tobacco by Rowan County youth.


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