Local & National Resources

Talk It Out NC is a resource for parents and teens that addresses alcohol consumption among adolescents. They provide up-to date information about alcohol consumption. underage drinking. the risks and behaviors commonly associated with teen drinking. and the effects alcohol has on brain development.

Looking for the truth? Truth has it! They are an organization that provides young people like you with facts and resources regarding tobacco use and opioid addiction. They encourage you to use your voice and stand up against Big Tobacco, promoting positive health for yourself and your peers.

Find a medication drop box location near you to safely and conveniently dispose of your unused and/or expired medications.

Short Film

Out of Reach

This student-produced short film depicts a high school student named Cyrus and the interviews he conducts with his peers and family members about prescription drug abuse. Written and directed by Cyrus Stowe and Tucker Capps with a runtime of roughly 25 minutes, Out of Reach represents a student perspective on the opiate crisis. This powerful online film is intended FOR PARENTS, viewer discretion is advised.