Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

Check your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) below:



Number of Drinks


12 oz.

5% Alcohol


5 oz.

12% Alcohol

Shot (Spirits)

1.5 oz.

40% Alcohol

Hours Elapsed

Under .04 = Slight Buzz

Decrease in inhibitions. Coordination and judgement may start to be affected.


Decrease in inhibitions, judgement and coordination - possible mood changes.


Noticeably losing coordinations to include reaction time, balance, vision and speech; impaired jusgement and memory. In many states a .08 BAC is considered to be legally impaired


Depressant effects in full force; dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, loss of coordination and much slower reaction time. Mood change, sleepiness, vomiting and blakout could happen.


Total mental confusion, loss of consciousness. Sleeping on your back could lead to choking on vomit and suffocating. Medical attention should be seriously considered.


Reduced heart rate and breathing; potential coma or death. Seek medical attention ASAP.

Under 0.00

Your BAC is below dangerous levels.