Who We Are

Meet our YSUP Rowan Coalition Members

YSUP Rowan is growing with hard-working and passionate people. Rowan County Youth Services Bureau, a local non-profit, serves as the grant’s fiscal agent and provides staff and direct project management. Community volunteers from all community sectors are essential to the success of YSUP Rowan and our goal of creating sustainable change.

Sector Reps

Sector Representatives are individuals who represent one of the twelve sectors in our community. These individuals serve as liaisons between YSUP Rowan and their respective sectors. They provide the coalition with relevant and necessary information and take information from the coalition to others within their sector. This model ensures that our efforts reach as many people as possible across the community, increasing the likelihood of reaching our goal of sustainable change. 

The 12 sectors are: Faith-Based and Religious, Youth, Youth Serving Organizations, Government, Civic and Volunteer, Parents, Healthcare, Substance Use Prevention Organizations, News/Media, Schools, Businesses, and Law Enforcement. 

Our current representatives:

Faith-Based and Religious – Randy Foster, Pastor – Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church

Youth – Claire Allen, student

Youth Serving Organizations – Ron Turbyfill, Communities in Schools

Government – Amy Smith, Rowan County Health Dept.

Civic and Volunteer – 

Parents – 

Healthcare – Dr. James Cooke, Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS)

Substance Use Prevention Organizations – LaTanya Hardy, SHYAS

News/Media – Mark Wineka, Salisbury Post

Schools – Carol Ann Houpe, Rowan-Salisbury Schools

Businesses – Mike Fuller, Pharmacist

Law Enforcement – Kevin Auten, Rowan County Sheriff

Youth Council

YSUP’s Youth Council is a core component of our coalition. Made up of local middle school and high schoolers, the Youth Council takes YSUP’s mission to their schools, religious organizations, clubs, friends, and families. They are the ones who put into ACTION what YSUP is all about! Our youth develop creative and relevant drug-free campaigns, volunteer in our community, and model what it is to be a drug-free teen in Rowan County.


Lauren Alexander-Persse (E-mail)
Project Director/Coalition Manager

Gail Sce (E-mail)
Project Assistant

Karen South Jones (E-mail)
Executive Director/Fiscal Agent

1322 South Fulton St.
Salisbury, NC 28144


YSUP Rowan’s Mission is to engage the community in creating conditions that will lead to the prevention and reduction of substance use by young people in order that they may build healthy, safe and successful lives.

Our Main Goal is to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, prescription medications, and tobacco by Rowan County youth.


123 2nd Street | Salisbury, NC 28144

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